May 26, 2018

Mission and Values


Board of Directors

Mary Harris & Al Harris
President - indefinite terms
Mary Harris is the President of OMI Neighbors in Action, and sits on several boards including the District 11 Council. She has been a pioneer in the OMI as she has personally aided schools such as Sheridan Elementary and After School Programs--like the OMI Beacon Center get their start. There is nothing in the OMI neighborhood that Mary has not been a part of. Between herself and husband Al Harris, they continue to help make the OMI a better place for all!

Al Harris is the President of OMI-CPP or "The Mayor of Ocean Avenue!". He also sits on several boards including the Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse, OMI Neighbors in Action, and Western Neighborhoods Project. He has also been appointed Commissioner for the Library and has worked for SAFE. Al with his wife Mary, is always lobbying to make the OMI safe and alive with Art and Culture!

Maria Fe Picar
Executive Director- indefinite terms
Maria Fe Picar has been with OMI-CPP since its inception in 1999. She helped incorporate the organization in 2004 and since then has also sat on several boards including the Ocean Avenue Collaborative, the Ingleside Library Advisory Committee and currently the Phelan Loop and Plaza Advisory Committee. Maria's interest in the Arts stems from her performance background as an Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Writer, Film Director and Producer. Maria feels that everyone should have a chance to experience art in all forms without having to pay a lot of money; art should be accessible to all.

Kate Favetti
Board Member - indefinite terms
Kate Favetti is the former President of the Westwood Neighborhood Association (2009- 2016),  and also sits on the board for the Ocean Avenue Association. Kate has been instrumental in fundraising for OMI-CPP by connecting the organization to new and diverse businesses and foundations.

Jane Anfinson
Board Member - indefinite terms
Jane Anfinson is a biologist, composer, musician and filmmaker who has been in the neighborhood less than ten years. She has also been instrumental in aiding CPP in fundraising by identifying Macy's and other foundations for the Ocean Avenue Arts and Culture Festival and general operating support.

Maurice Rivers
Board Member- indefinite terms
Maurice Rivers has been a lifelong OMI resident since 1983.  He owns a small home business called The Umbrella Tree, and is an active community organizer for the Ingleside neighborhood in San Francisco, including being a neighborhood lead on the Next Door Ingleside website.  Maurice brings a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the OMI-CPP board as he loves to help organize and revitalize the neighborhood with cultural and artistic events.